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Doing Business In Hardinsburg


A Business License is required to operate or conduct business within the city limits of Hardinsburg. A business license is a legal document allowing you to open or maintain, or conduct business. Licenses must be posted in a conspicuous place within the business. If no physical business location exists, the license should be readily available for inspection.

Business Licenses expire December 31 annually. Please renew promptly. In addition to penalties for operating a business without a license, application fees double March 1st of each year. Business license applications can be completed and paid online here.


Unlike most cities and surrounding communities, Hardinsburg does not have an occupational tax! In lieu of this tax, the City requires a City Sticker for all residents living in or working within the city limits of Hardinsburg. This fee is only $13 a year per vehicle.

‚ÄčLicense Fee Schedule

Prior Year's Gross Revenue

  • $0-$100,000                          $30
  • $100,000.01 to $500,000    $55
  • $500,001 to $1,000,000       $80
  • Over $1,000,,000                   $105

Inspection Fees

  • Fireworks                               $250
  • Food Service                          $25

 Other Fees
  • Precious Metal                     $200
  • Alcohol/Not LR50                $400
  • Yard Sales Per Sale              $20