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Public Works

​​​Operations and Management of the City's Water, Wastewater, and Sanitation services is managed by Veolia North America. Veolia NA is the leading provider of comprehensive water and wastewater services to municipal and industrial customers.

Responsibilities  include the operation and maintenance of a 2.0 MGD groundwater reverse osmosis water treatment facility and county wide distribution system including meter setting and reading. City water is provided to approximately 6850 customers across 424 miles within Breckinridge County. Veolia also operates a .732 MGD wastewater treatment facility, with 20 miles of collection system and sludge disposal via a 19 acre land farm.

Solid waste service is provided to over 1250 residential and business customers. Trash pick up is provided twice weekly to residential customers and 5 days a week to businesses. The City provides all sanitation customers with a commercial grade, roll out cart (toter) for trash pick up. Additionally, heavy trash pick up for larger items is provided each Spring with a leaf pick up date set each Fall.

Veolia maintains all City Streets to include patching and paving, pot hole repair,snow removal, de-icing, sweeping and maintaining all city street signs. The mowing of right-of-ways and mowing of city-owned property such as the City Park located on Fairgrounds Road is also maintained by Veolia.


As a reminder, The City of Hardinsburg prohibits the disposal of the following items in solid waste collection:

Hazardous Waste, Herbicides, Pesticides, Chemicals, Oil, Paint, Gasoline, Anti-Freeze, Tires, Dead Animals, Pathological Waste, Biomedical Waste, Lead Batteries from vehicles, Construction and Demolition Material but not limited to Concrete, Structural Metal Shapes, Bricks, Blocks, Asphalt, Gravel, Explosives, Fire, Embers and other Fire Containing Materials, Poisons, Toxic Waste, Industrial Processing Wastes.


Brett Mingus
Veolia Project Manager
P(270) 756-9091
F(270) 756-2442