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Mission Statement

​The City of Hardinsburg strives to empower our citizens and employees through trust, balance, creativity and SERVICE.

Strive to provide quality service to the citizens of Hardinsburg so they feel safe and secure.

Encourage our employees to provide customer service by exhibiting positive attitudes and strong work ethic so they can make a difference in our community.

Retain programs and employees that are effective to meet the needs of our community.

Vitalize our city to provide awareness of our services; and research and implement innovative ideas and search for new avenues of growth.

Implement and maintain procedures that insure well maintained facilities, provide quality service and sound fiscal practices.

Commit all aspects of city government to serve our citizens with effectiveness, fairness, equality, promptness and professional service.

Empower city government and the employees to effectively use information technology infrastructure to improve the quality of life for              Hardinsburg’s citizens through education and accurate information.