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City FAQ

Q: Where do I pay my water bill?
A: You can pay your water bill at City Hall, 220 S Main St Hardinsburg, Kentucky 40143. Or you can mail your payment to PO Box 149, Hardinsburg, KY  40143-0149. You can also pay here.
Q: Do you offer Bank Draft Withdrawal?
A: Yes, applications for automatic bank draft withdrawal can be picked up at City Hall or you can print an application from our web site. The application is located under the City Services Tab.
Q: I have a water leak, whom do I contact?
A: You may call or come by the office and speak with the utilities clerk.
Q: When is my water bill mailed?
A: The water bills are mailed on the last day of each month. If you don't receive your water bill by the end of the first week of the month please contact City Hall, 270.756.2213 and we can tell you what your account balance is or if you desire, we can reprint your bill for you.
Q: When are water bills due?
A: Water bills are due in the office by 4:00 PM CST on the 15th of every month.
Q: Is there a disconnect charge, if so, how much?
A: Yes.  The disconnect fee is $100.00 and the reconnect fee is 35.00.  If the customer wants to be reconnected on the same day as the disconnect, the fee must be paid by 12 noon the same day.  All other reconnects will be done the next business day.
Q: What information do I need to bring with me to sign up for water service?
A: You will need: the physical address where you will needing water services, your driver's license number, a copy of a voided check if you wish to sign up for bank draft. If the water service is within the city limits you will also need your license plate number, make, model and year of the vehicles you own.
Q: Is there a deposit required?
A: Yes, the deposit for owners is $50.00 and the deposit for a renter is $200.00. The deposit is held until service is terminated. At that time, the final bill will be calculated and the deposit will be applied to the final bill with any balance remaining credited back to the applicant.
A: ​The cost for a new water meter connection is $1,250.00 for out of town, $1,150.00 for in town residents.
Q: When is the next City Council meeting?
A: The City Council meets at Hardinsburg City Hall on the 2nd Monday of each month @ 5:00PM CST.
Q: How do I obtain an accident report from the police department?
A: Accident reports will be available at City Hall, a minimum of 10 days from the date of the accident. The cost of the report is $10.00.
Q: I would like to get water service in my area, what do I need to do?
A: The City of Hardinsburg is making every effort to supply water service to all of Breckinridge County. You may contact the project manager, Brett Mingus at 270.756.9091 and discuss with him the possibilities.
Q: How do I find out what areas of the county will be receiving water service in the future?
A: The City of Hardinsburg has a master plan mapped for the various areas of the county. You may come by City Hall and ask to see the map or speak with any Customer Service Representative for more information.